I’m hungry. When do we eat?

Real barbecue takes time and is ready when it’s ready. We strive to have most of the big items ready between 5 and 7 pm. There are plenty of appetizers if you can’t wait for things to come out of the cookers. We also still have food coming out around midnight or later though our cooking skills can become kind of...   diluted.

I’m a vegetarian. Will there be anything for me?

Don’t worry, we’re not strictly meat-eaters here. There will be plenty of vegetarian food available. Not just some celery sticks, but real food!

What should I bring?

Feel free to bring anything you think would be good to eat at a summer barbecue. We’d love to try your favorite recipe while you’re trying our food. Some form of alcoholic beverage is also never a bad idea.

Can I bring my kids?

When we first started doing this, we always had some burgers and dogs standing by just in case of picky children. But we NEVER ended up using them. We learned that it’s never too early to introduce your children to really good barbecue. Bring ‘em along!

It’s raining. Is this thing still on?

In 2016, we had our one and only cancellation due to weather for a hurricane that never materialized. So we really hate the idea of cancelling. Most of the time, this barbecue is happening - rain or shine, but if you hear a hurricane is coming, check the home page. On the off chance we're cancelling, we'll definitely mention it there.

I'm not vaccinated against the coronavirus. Are you guys still enforcing your vaccine mandate?

Yes. We're not checking people's credentials, but if we know you're not vaccinated and you attend, we will ask you to leave. We'd like to avoid such awkwardness. If saving your life isn't incentive enough to get the jab, our barbecue honestly is. So do it! And then come and enjoy some great food.

I’m a complete jerk who hates food and people. What should I do?

Please stay home.